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About Us

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The reason we chose  JOYFUL Times Events as the name of our company is as simple as it sounds.

 First, planning and event should be a happy, exciting and Joyful time for the person planning the event.

Second, the event itself should be a Joyful occasion, for everyone involved and everyone attending.

Third, this is a Joyful time in our lives, feeling inspired, being creative and enjoying the people that we meet.

We look forward to bringing your vision to life and making any event Special.

After spending 33 years as a Leader in a corporate setting, I made the decision to use the skills I have aquired in an environment where I am once again inspired, excited and leading my business with passion. Over the years as a Leader I have mastered skills that have created a well armoured Event Planner. Examples of these skills include planning, organizing, detail orientation and most importantly the ability to lead others while relating and inspiring.

Joyful Times Events is a company that provides an all inclusive planning for any type of event. 

  • Special Moments & occasions

  • Heartfelt weddings

  • Corporate & Social Gatherings

  • Meaningful Community Events

We are creative, professional, honest and real- you will be glad that you reached out to us.

We are honored to be included in your special events and take the role very serious, we want you to be able to embrace the event and have wonderful Memories.


We are your Memory Makers!

We will bring the JOY back into planning events for you!



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