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Joy's 7 Details for a Great Event in 2020



When Planning events- whether it is a dinner party, large party a brunch or a simple get together - plan these 7 details and you are assured a Great Event.


1. Have a Theme- so important- It is all about the details. With a solid theme, whether its a color, a chartacter, a season, a flower-

carry it through the entire event. Small details like carrying the theme into the bathrooms with a candle or special soap really shows thought and planning


2. Now that you have a theme, it is about location- whether it is in your home, a clubhouse, a restaurant, park or rented venue- always think about the flow, is there enough room for everyone, enough seating if everyone needed to sit. Is there a place to lean or set down food and drinks for each person? How about restrooms? Most importantly, have a plan B if it is an outside event. Whether it is due to rain, too cold or too hot, you always need  to have a plan B if it is an outside event. Plan B's would include Tents for rain, heaters or portable air conditioners. heating/rain. Always keep parking plans in mind as well.


3. Once the Theme and Venue are ready, now lets finalize food plans. It is so important to think about the time of day- if you invite people at 1pm, they will clearly expect lunch. if you invite them at 5pm or 6pm they will expect dinner. if you just want to do appetizers and desserts, then start the event after 7pm. The timing is so very important, it dictates what they will expect.

With food, you must know your guests or plan for everyone- vegetarians, vegans- everyone had different likes and needs- try to ensure your food has a selection that can have something for all your guests; Label your food- include terms like vegetarian and Gluten free shows respect for guests needs.


4. Seating arrangements when planning a party, especially a dinner party seating arrangements are extremely important. planning the right people sitting next to each other, taking into consideration family, friends, new people. When placing  people next to each other think about who will make good conversation, who will get along? The idea is  that you want people that will be comfortable next to each other and will help make conversation comfortably.


5. Arrange for good convo-when people are new, help conversation and help guests by providing conversation cards, or ice breakers -



6. Consider lighting- You want to make sure you have enough lighting but not too much. Mood lighting with string lights, candles, lanterns- create the real ambiance. If the event has a large amount of candles, make sure you pay attention to scent, smokeless or not, led or flame and length of time the candle burns.



7. Flower/Fragrance- flowers and fragrance are an important detail. If you are planning on flowers, take into consideration the season. You want your flowers to be fresh, beautiful and reasonable. The best way to get success is by selecting flowers that are in season. Once you have chosen the flowers, decide how you would like them displayed. Before deciding how to display the flowers keep table size and table height in mind.


If you keep these 7 details in mind, you should have an amazing Event every time.

If I can Help in any way, Please reach out!


Enjoy Life, Enjoy Friends and Celebrate!!!
















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