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Reviews &Testimonials


Jen just left you a review:

Joy was by far the best investment from my wedding. She is simply amazing!!! She is incredibly organized, flexible, and creative. Joy was there every step of the way. The girl works wonders! The venue I picked was more than what we had originally budgeted. I thought for sure we'd have to reevaluate but nope. Joy came up with fantastic solutions to keep us on track without any sacrifice. Sh removes stress out of the equation. I highly recommend her! Joy is an absolute JOY to work with!.


Colin just left you a review:
Joy was a pleasure to work with from her first time we connected. She made me feel beyond comfortable having a Wedding Rehearsal of ~100 people and 1000 miles from home without having even met her in person!! She covered every detail imaginable, so that I could enjoy the night to the fullest with my family and friends.


Sandra And Augusto just left you a review:
Joy was our event coordinator for our 2015 New Year's Eve party. It was a great experience!
From the first interview, it was clear that Joy was able to understand the spirit of the party. As the time went, and many decisions being made, she proved to be flexible, creative, professional, responsive.
Everything was going great! All set to be a great outdoor party. We are just following the weather forecast.. Florida December - no rain expected.
Well... not really "Rain til 8 pm". Joy was able to secure a tent to be installed last minute, which saved the party. Joy also chose the DJ, who was the spirit of the party.

Til today I get unsolicited compliments on the best New Year's party ever!
I highly recommend Joy!


Jeannie just left you a review:
Joy gave me the Wedding of my Dreams...we have been friends since high school and over the past few years, have reconnected...thank you facebook :-) and reestablished our friendship! It's like we never missed a beat and there are not enough words to express my thankfulness and gratitude for her professionalism, precise attention to every single little detail, upbeat and positive energy that I love to be around...I always knew she was totally great but she totally blew me away and surpassed any and all expectations I had and I never once, well maybe once...but Joy reassured me that I didn't have to worry about a, I didn't and....She did it!!! Joy took care of EVERYTHING...I can't say enough and pictures speak 1000 words and WE will be uploading those together!!! My experience was totally stress free and my special day was way beyond what I wanted, which was that everything went off without a pun intended!!! Our wedding theme was Joy's idea...and a great one we will always remember...peppermints and hearts and THIS LOVE IS SWEET...the decorations, the arbor, the favors...peppermint ornaments with personalization  Rory & Jeannie 12-13-14 & organizing and planning the ceremony site on the dock at Bru's Room Coconut Creek to the menu and buffet in the room outside the private room, which Joy secured for us on the day of our wedding realizing we were not going to have enough room in just the private room we had originally planned...the flowers, the candles, the little special personal bouquet, his boutonniere, the decorations, totally taking control of organizing our guests and I was told all evening what a GEM Joy is!!!
I highly recommend Joy and Joyful Times Events to take care of any special occasion you are planning in your life! Joy is a pleasure to work with and you will not have to worry about a thing! Just let Joy know what you want and communicate to her your specifics and I promise you, she will take care of the rest...she will take care of it ALL!!! You are in great hands with Joy and JOYFUL TIMES EVENTS...I can't wait to plan our 1st Anniversary Party with JOY :-)

Hedglon just left you a review:

She handled the gifts for the baby shower. So creative and complete. It was amazing. I have been to her holiday parties that she hosted. Extraordinary, exquisite, beautiful. So creative and a class act. I Going to use her go so many of my events. She has a gift and I am so happy and grateful for her talent


Frank just left you a review:

Joy has exceeded our expectations in planing our daughter's wedding. Her orginizational skills and attention to detail are impressive! She has left no stone unturned in her quest to ensure Jen's wedding is spectacular. I can't thank Joy enough for all she has done and highly recommend her!


Michelle just left you a review:

What an amazing experience it was working with Joyful Times Events! Her attention to detail and ability to listen to what I really wanted was fantastic. I could not be happier with how my event turned out thanks to Joyful Times Events!


Maria just left you a review:

This is my first time to get a planner to help me with a private party in our house. Joy was a delight to work with. Very reliable, professional, prompt. Everyone had a great time and hosting a party was more fun. I did not have to worry about anything. Joy also was able to work with my limited budget. She is highly recommended for anyone who needs help in organizing their events.


Here what others have to say about JOYFUL Times Events:


I am SO PROUD to recommend Joy Lainez for any event, party or business / leadership need you may have! Joy and I have served on the Board of Directory for Hands on Broward for many years and in that time I have witness her host, plan and execute the most amazing, organized and FUN events; both small and large! In addition, I have participated in various community service events that she has coordinated, some with hundreds of staff, and every time each event is run flawlessly and everyone is SO IMPRESSED!! I can not recommend her more as I would trust her with any personal or professional event of mine. She will not only make your day amazing, but will make it stress free and one to remember!


Valerie Stuut, MBA

CEO Smartte

Smartte - Positive, Healthy Products with Role Models and Success Built In!


Joy is an Amazing professional, she is a detailed, organized creative genius. Joy has been part of several corporate events and has always been able to lend her event planning expertise to make every event successful. I would recomend Joy for any type of personal or corportae event function. Her sophisticate style has always delieved above and beyond our expectations.


Bonnie Chao

Founder & Managing Partner of CGC Group


I have know and have worked along side Joy since 2009.  Her attention to detail and organization was key to our projects always being top notch, well thought out and creative.   Joy is also know for her approach-ability and warmth. Whether our project was small or large Joy was always the first one (even in the pouring down rain) to  led by example.  I would highly recommend Joy. 


Dale Hirsch

President/CEO HandsOn Broward


Awards & Recognition

2014 Board of Directors- Smartte Organization

2010-2013 Board of Directors- HandsOn Broward

Recognized at 24th Annual National Phianthropy Day awards for Broward County

Televised recognition from Broward County School Board

Honored as Top Supporter for Cooperative Feeding

Involved in several Working women Seminars

Involved in FAU Leadership summits, Dare to be prepare


Spotlight Vendor

Photography: Ray Photography & Video




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